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online astrology course

Jyotish Tirtha is one of the oldest organizations of Vedic astrology in India which has been ahead office in Kolkata and has been engaged for many years in spreading astrology education in different parts of India, Bangladesh. There are also many franchise educational institutions abroad that have been associated with Jyotish Tirtha Vedic astrology education for many years.

Jyotisar Tirtha academy, Sir Shree Ashutosh established the first Jyotish Tirtha Vidyapeeth in 1985 in Boubazar, B, B Ganguly Street, Kolkata to spread Jyotish Tirtha Vidyapeeth. Many students of Jyotish Tirtha Sangstha are well-established astrologers in different places of Bangladesh and India. Jyotish Tirtha Vidyapeeth is Franchise institute of Jyotish Tirtha Trust.

Our Aims & Objects

To provide various Astrological Services like Vastu, Tantra, Vaydic Client Services.

To Provide and Manage School, College, Franchise services.

To arrange and manage the Astrologer Gradation, Certificate, Membership and extra services like Book, Magazine, EBook, · Publication and Distribution.

To manage, run and establish best quality Product all over the India, to promote Indian Manufacturing Astrological Products like, Gemstone, Rudraksha, book, ebook, Tantra Products, vastu Products, Vaidic Kavach, Jantram, Ayurvedic Products etc at Large and as well as in small scale.

To manage, run and establish best quality educational institute all over the India, to promote Indian Astrological consultancy and astrologer website creation and sevice providing all over the world.

To take-up, initiate or assist social development activities or welfare programs for Horoscope making, Vaydic, Puja- Path, Yog, Kundali Making, Athjam, Tantra, vastu, Astrology, Palmistry, Ved, Vaydic Research and consultancy services.

To promote, establish, maintain, Astrological services and Teaching as Sanatan & Krishnamurti Jyotish, Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Vastu & Tantra.

To publish or publishing books, pamphlets, magazine, audio & Video CD in India for the spread and advancement of Astrological education and also start the work for the development of new astrologer .

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